Why Should You Choose Ashland Towing?

"These guys are awesome! We broke down and they were quick, efficient professionals
who were friendly and treated us like family. While they repaired our truck, even though
we couldn't stay on their yard with our truck, they transported us to a local hotel, which gave
us a steep discount just because these guys brought us. Thank you guys!"

-- Angela Brymer

"I am from California, and experienced a complete breakdown... an obvious broken pulley with
the belt gone. These folks were great... the repair was around $350, including parts. This place
has very good mechanics and tow operators. My home is over a hundred miles away, but I
have used them consistently and will go the extra miles to have them do repairs
on my vehicle. They go out of their way to help you and treat you like family. "

-- Susan Gray

"When driving from Idaho into Oregon, we blew our transmission on top of 66. (Avoid this
road if you are pulling a heavy load!) Ashland Towing was very prompt while working with my
Allstate Auto Club. Their crew was knowledgeable and very professional and in the end after pricing repairs for my vehicle, they ended up transporting my truck to Pete's Transmission Repair,
upon my request. The girl, Nick, in the office was also very considerate and responsive
with her assistances. Gratitude!!!"

-- Heath Norton

As you can see...

...we want you to know, we do our very best to help out as much as we can.

Plus, you can feel safe knowing all of our operators are trained, licensed and certified and our trained dispatchers can promptly pinpoint your exact location, which ensures someone is there to help you as soon as possible.

1. Exceptional Towing Expertise and Capabilities

We literally and figuratively go out of our way to ensure you receive assistance as quickly as possible. Our friendly staff are professionally trained and very efficient, which means you'll be in a much better, safer place sooner.

Plus, all of our trucks and equipment are tested and maintained on a regular basis to make sure that when we arrive to assist you, our gear is functioning and everything runs smoothly.

2. Recovery Specialists

In such tragic, traumatic situations, we are specially trained for the most complicated scenarios. And because of the danger involved, it's in everybody's best interest to recover your vehicle in the safest, fastest way possible.

3. Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our staff are not only capable of operating all types of tow trucks and tractor trailers, but each operator is an exceptional mechanic. Which means, in the majority of cases, they will be able to accurately determine what the problem is, if it isn't something obvious, like a flat tire, running out of gas, etc.

4. Auto/Machinery Transport Services

We are able to provide a wide range of options to transport any type of vehicle, machinery or equipment.

We tow and move it all. Whether you need to move a truck, excavator, a tractor or what have you... you can trust in our experienced heavy equipment hauling professionals to get it there safely and efficiently.

We have an entire fleet of the most state of the art vehicle and heavy equipment transporters.

5. Heavy Duty Mechanics -- Light Duty Mechanics

Our mechanics are top notch and having repair shops in Ashland, Medford/White City, Oregon and Yreka, California, we have a wide territory covered to help you when you need mechanical work on your vehilce or tractor trailer.

On-Site Storage: We have ample space for vehicle, trailor or any other storage you may require -- at a fair price. Contact for more information.

We Take Every Precaution to Avoid
Unnecessary Damage to Your Vehicle:

When choosing a wrecker service... here's what to watch out for:

Check out our services for further information and the equipment we have available to see how we can help you best -- or call us now to get a free quote:





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